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"Gus" wrote:
wrote in message news:[email protected]
i have no idea why you post relevance last, on this site

Answered by Gus...

To Dug -- this newsgroup has its own rules and customs.

If you want to be heard without being flogged, you must try to abide by
those rules and customs.

I, for one, don't give a fig for rules or customs;[ . . . ]they
love to gripe about such meaningless nonsense as "top posting" sins and
the like.

Real Q-ers do better.

Gus, I believe I've read some good posts from you in the past. I don't
consider this to be one of them. Is it true that you 'don't give a fig for
rules or customs'? Do you walk around naked in public, etc? Have you read
about Usenet Netiquette? Have you read the BBQ FAQ? Are you familiar with
the concept of 'Works and plays well with others'? I restrain myself.

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