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i have no idea why you post relevance last, on this site

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Answered by Gus...

To Dug -- this newsgroup has its own rules and customs.

If you want to be heard without being flogged, you must try to abide by
those rules and customs.

I, for one, don't give a fig for rules or customs; however, when I bumped
into them on this newsgroup the hard way, they bumped back. All I wanted to
do was to share with the readers of the newsgroup. I got jumped on
immediately. My "sin" was mentioning a "secret recipe spice mix" (which
indeed it is). Right away, some started calling me names (many of which I
did not understand, such as "TROLL"). Further, some folks hated my calling
myself by my name. They said I was "using the third person" even though I
am only me and not one, two, three me. Not only did they object to that,
they used lots of FOUL LANGUAGE in the process of objecting. I was quite
amazed by that, as you might expect. So, it seemed to me that it would be
simpler to go along with some of the rules and customs pushed by some of
these folks who may have been here forever and to get to learn from them,
somewhat, something, anyway, even though a FEW of those folks often seem to
feel that rules and customs should override communication and commonsense.

Look at this thread. A whole bunch of ranting and raving about "top
posting" as though that were some sort of mortal sin... If you talk
nonsense and, put it into a "bottom posting" the lads and lassies here will
most likely go along with whatever nonsense you want to put forward or, at
least, tolerate your presence here. Alas. If you "top post" (as is mostly
the custom with E-mail replies) those same folks will shoot you down quicker
than a cat will lick its rear end!

As for the top/bottom post "puritins" among us, why do you not just relax
and enjoy communications that are put here in the spirit of friendship,
helpful sharing, and comradeship? In other words, quite your bitching about
such LITTLE things such as "top posting." Doggone it, why are SOME of you
so "anal" in your reactions to others whom you do not know and who do not
know or believe in your hidebound "rules"?

When I first got over here I put forth a link to a nifty "cookbook" that we
had generated based on some spice stuff that was a commecial dealie,
trademarked, etc. Next thing I knew, some of those "old-timers" here were
calling me names, such as "Troll" and the like (and what, pray tell, is a
"troll?") Anyway, Dug, you have to understand that, even though this is an
Internet newsgroup, supposedly open to you and everyone (including
Bulgarians and aborigines) , here there are some stalwarts involved who
evidently regard this as their own personal newsgroup...

(Maybe it is their's because they pay for the whole lot of it on their own?)

So, if we want to participate, we have to try (TRY) to go by the rules and
customs. I, for one, am willing and able to do that. I would hope that you
might also be willing and able to do the same.

In the meantime, I witnessed a whole lot of "advertising" for a new BBQ
joint in Florida being opened by one of the "old timers" here, but nary a
word of "Troll" involved in that... No squawks. No bad comments. (no need
for any from the way I see things, Dave!) But, you can see what I mean.
What is good for the goose, seems not to be good for the gander on this
newsgroup... and that, dear friends, is simply not right or just. Also, I
have read many and many a posting regarding commericial products ranging
from BBQ pits and smokers to plastic food storage bags. So, Dug, you can
see that there is a real "double standard" in force on this newsgroup. If
you are "in" you can advertise bbq pits, plastic bags, or BBQ restaurants in
Florida. If you are not "in" best it would be that you never mention
anything of even a slightly commercial nature, such as "secret recipe" spice
mixes by name, and, for pity sakes... never "top post.".

If this newsgroup is about barbecue, so let it be about barbecue and NOT
about top posting, bottom posting, "Trolls" or any of the other insulting,
time-wasting, nonsensical, puppy-crap sorts of things that we constantly see
here. The posters who deal in that stuff know who they are. They are
invited to GROW UP and stop being like teen age "hackers" who infest the
Internet with their eternal nonsense. The "bad actors" do not post coherent
and useful messages here related to the art (or science) of barbecue.
Instead, they make fun of those who do, and they love to gripe about such
meaningless nonsense as "top posting" sins and the like.

Real Q-ers do better.

Best to all,
Gus Kilthau, Houston, Texas