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Scented Nectar
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It's not "for" "vegans". It's for everyone. I just
know how "vegans" will respond to about 80% of the

I'm not 100% vegan yet.

You'll never be "vegan", because ethics has no meaning
to you.

I don't feel like taking that test.

The quiz is open to one and all.

But you're not pestering one and all,
just me.

Because you're the only one being a chickenshit about it.

And the others are...where? Not taking the
test either as far as I can see. No one seems
to want to take the test.

Others did take the test when it was posted in before.

So then you already have your test answers.
Do you have any reason to believe it would
turn out different results to do the test over?

You are the ONLY one who has demonstrated deep,
irrational fear over it.

You are hoping that by accusing me
of fear, that I will take the test just to
prove you wrong. I don't play that

A huge directory listing over 700 veg recipe sites.
Has a fun 'Jump to a Random Link' button.