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dug88 wrote:
i have no idea why you post relevance last, on this site

It's not just us. This is the Usenet. The Usenet has been around longer
than the web and it has it's own set of rules. Take a look at the link
below or do your own search for netiquette.

Summarize what you're following up.
When you click 'Reply' under 'show options' to follow up an existing

article, Google Groups includes the full article in quotes, with the
cursor at the top of the article. Tempting though it is to just start
typing your message, please STOP and do two things first. Look at the
quoted text and remove parts that are irrelevant. Then, go to the
BOTTOM of the article and start typing there. Doing this makes it much
easier for your readers to get through your post. They'll have a
reminder of the relevant text before your comment, but won't have to
re-read the entire article. And if your reply appears on a site before
the original article does, they'll get the gist of what you're talking