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Tom S
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I'll usually have to put away half to 3/4 bottles into
the fridge. Even 24 hours later the taste seems to change.

So, what are some good, inexpensive suggestions for keeping an opened
bottle 2 to 3, maybe 4 days?

I saw the recommendation of using half-bottles. Not bad, I'll try that,
but doesn't seem very consistent.

Immediately decanting _gently_ (no splashing) into a smaller bottle until
it's _completely_ full and capping tight is really the best for storing
opened wine. It'll keep for months or longer that way.

I also saw something on Private Preserve inert gas replacement. That
sounds like a good idea. A little expensive, for now, but if it's the
best option then I think that's worth it.

Too expensive. The only advantage it has over decanting to smaller bottles
is that it isn't necessary to fill the bottle to exclude all gas.

What about those $12 cheapy vacuum pump tops? Good enough to keep for a
couple of days?

A couple of days? Sure. Best in the 'fridge.

And finally, refrigeration. Good idea? Bad idea? Only in conjunction
with a particular tupe of storage? I understand refidgeration can slow
the oxidation, but, does it contribute to any other changes?

Good idea as an adjunct to any of the above methods - especially Vac-U-Vin,
which does leave some air behind in the bottle. The only drawbacks are (1)
having to warm the wine to room temperature in the case of a red, and (2)
precipitation of tartrate crystals in wines that are not cold stabilized.
The latter isn't really a big deal, since the wine is easily decanted from
the crystals, and the flavor isn't affected.

Tom S