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Bill Blazer
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"New Geoff" m.gjb SPHERICAL wrote in message
This whole affair has become incredibly tiresome . . .

How do we set up a 'Dancing Weasel' newsgroup that all their postings can
sent to ???
Initially when I began reading this group I had sympathies with one side -
then the other seemed to be more reasonable as the messages continued . .
Now it seems that they all need some quiet place to fight things out and
leave the rest of us in peace.

I know someone will suggest use of a 'Killfile', but with constantly
mutating IDs it's not the solution we all need.

Perhaps there's an on-line shrink that can help them . . . . .

Say Hey !!

Soon Weegie will be doing the immigration waltz. But prior to that there
will be criminal charges to answer to. That will give him plenty of time to
practice the two step !!

5555 Yee-Haw !!