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james a. finley
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"Erik" wrote in message
I'm trying to find a new recipe for pepper sauce for buffalo wings. I
have done some searching on the web and usenet, and all of the recipes
that I have found involve adding stuff to either Tobasco sauce or to
Franks hot sauce. As both of these sauces have a vinegar base,
anything made from these is going to have a vinegary smell and taste.
Does anyone have a recipe or suggestions on making a pepper sauce that
does not contain vinegar, or that the vinegar taste/smell is masked by
the other ingredients?


Fry the wings plain. Dip in pepper sauce. Place on cookie sheet and put in
broiler until the pepper sauce looks dry. Don't overdo the broiling-just a
few minutes will get rid of the vinegar taste/smell without further cooking
the wings.