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Rich McCormack
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JimLane wrote:

Erik wrote:

I'm trying to find a new recipe for pepper sauce for buffalo wings. I
have done some searching on the web and usenet, and all of the recipes
that I have found involve adding stuff to either Tobasco sauce or to
Franks hot sauce. As both of these sauces have a vinegar base,
anything made from these is going to have a vinegary smell and taste.
Does anyone have a recipe or suggestions on making a pepper sauce that
does not contain vinegar, or that the vinegar taste/smell is masked by
the other ingredients?


Simple, find an off-the-shelf hot sauce that is not vinegar-based.
But then, they won't be Buffalo Hot Wings any longer.


Indeed, they won't be Buffalo Hot Wings, but the might be Wingins.
My family owned and operated a special occasion catering company
(weddings, holiday parties, grand openings and such) back in the
late 1950s and 1960s. They were always trying to come up with
"something different" than what other competing catering companies
were offering. Someone came up a recipe for what they called Wingins,
which were similar to today's Buffalo wings but made with other
sauces, such as BBQ and terriaki. They were a popular menu choice.