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Peter Aitken
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"Louis Cohen" wrote in message
I recently bought a traditional cast iron wok from the Wok Shop in SF.
I seasoned it in the oven according to their directions. I'd like to
build up the black non-stick patina the pros talk about.

I've been using the wok frequently for several weeks. When I finish
stir frying, I find that when I wipe the heated wok out with oil and
paper towels, a black residue comes off on the towel. (I cleaned it
first with a soft sponge and water.) Is this black residue what is
destined to become the patina? Should I not try to wipe the inside of
the wok completely clean with paper towels? Is the black residue

I've also seen seasoning suggestions which say the inside of the wok
should be wiped clean with paper towels. I'd like to hear any ideas
from the group.


I don't think cast iron is traditional for a wok. It sounds as if your
doing fine. Kepp cooking in it and you'll build up a nice coating, just
as you would in a conventional cast iron pan.

Some woks are sold as "cast iron" but are not at all what Americans think of
as cast iron - rather they are more like the rolled steel type. It's
confusing! Either way they need to be seasoned.

Peter Aitken

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