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"Lucy" wrote in
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*lucy hangs her head in shame* because she supportED the dallas
cowgirls.. er.. I mean, the cowboys.

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MareCat wrote:
What's everyone cooking up for The Big Game?

We're having a party and are planning on smoking a pork
shoulder (for pulled pork sandwiches) and some ribs. Side
dishes to be decided on later, but will probably include
a few of the following: potato salad, coleslaw, black
bean salad, pasta salad, marinated veggies. Of course,
we'll have lots of appetizers/finger foods and
beer/wine/soft drinks on hand. I may make a tres leches
cake and something chocolate for dessert.

How about everyone else?


New England Clam Chowder and Philly Cheese Steaks

Since our Home Town Quarterback's team was eliminated last week

The Halftime Habaņero Challenge is always a riot!!!


"Ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!"
- Ed Sullivan (1964)