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Default San Diego Restaurants

Austin Stanfel's Nightlife Review for San Diego January 2005:


Aubergine::: THURS-SAT-Fridays and Saturdays have brought a lot of
people in to this place. Mostly hip-hop and house played on both days
in different rooms. Thursdays will be promoted by Infinite Media
starting on the 21st of January. Go to to get on the
guestlist here.

Onyx::: This place is more of an Upscale lounge then a club. If
there's not enough people in the place they won't open up the main
room which is the biggest part of the club - without it you've just
got a couple of couches and a bar. Upstairs they have the other half of
the club called "Thin" where they spin top 40. Crowd is higher
class then the norm. Nothing really special about the place though.

5th Quarter::: Again - one of those places they call a club but
really is a bar with a dance floor. The place does a pretty good job of
getting people into the club. Usually by 11-12pm the place is close to
capacity but if your looking for something away from the PB scene then
avoid the place. Crowd usually is military, tourist...

Excelsior::: THU-SAT- Downtown La Jolla lounge but worth the drive -
This place was kicked off not to long ago with it's Thursdays crowd
that they drew from the Hyatt area scene. Small lounge with big heated
patio - VIP bottle service available also. Crowd is high caliber La
Jolla and Del Mar type with a couple of college students acting the
part. Drinks are reasonably priced. Fridays are a different scene but
defiantly check it out if you haven't already on Thursdays and
Saturdays. Go to to get on the guestlist here.

Side Bar::: THU-SAT- Thursdays you'll find a nice crowd thanks Matty
A Productions. Music is hip-hop and top 40. The place is a small but a
nice lounge with a good bank of VIP tables. Go to to
get on the guestlist here.

Decos::: I can't stand this place but I guess some do go here. Music
is non-other then top 40 where you'll here the same songs until they
drill a hole in you head. It's a large two-story restaurant 2 main
bars, small inside dance floor and another small one outside. Their
claim to fame is the open-air dance floor but if you want a real open
air place then got to the beach level at the W.


E Street Alley::: THURS-SAT-The club has changed owners and management
in the past year so you'll see a difference if you haven't been
there in a while. Mostly hip-hop played throughout the club -
you'll often hear the same song 2 or 3 times a night often mixed in
with an occasional MJ tune that sweeps everyone off the dance floor.
The crowd it the typical hip-hoppers that you'll see in placed like
the "Blue Tattoo" or "Rox". The only thing they've got going
for themselves is the sushi bar and the fact that their now the only
other good after-hours nightclub in town now that L5 is gone.....

Galileo 101::: FRI-SAT-this club recently changed owners so it's
slowly getting back on their feet. The have been running a monthly
fission show event at the end of each month. Crowd is high class -
nice place to go for dinner also. The unique layout of the club makes
it place that people want to be - they just need some good promotions
to light em up.

W-Hotel::: MON-SUN-place has a nice lounge layout - drinks are
anywhere from $8 - $15 - crowd is high caliber - Beach level is
open from Wed-Sun 4 pm-2 am Magnet: Daily 11 am-2 am Living Room: Daily
11 am-2 am - TIP: if you're a guy trying to get in on a Friday or
Saturday don't try after 10:00pm, the place is usually packed on
theses days and unless you know someone at the door you'll be outside
in the cold for while.


Ole Madrid:::-Fri-Sat
Being one of the first nightclubs built in San Diego you'll be
surrounded by a nice Spanish feel. People are always hospitable here
and ever since Eventvibe started promoting here the place has been
packed from top to bottom mostly on Saturdays- drinks are reasonably
priced and plenty of girls to go around. Go to to get
on the guestlist here. Go to to get on the guestlist

On Broadway::: FRI-SAT-Friday's you'll find the "Posh" event
featuring some headliner DJ's on the main floor spinning house -
the club included four more rooms downstairs including two hip-hop/rap
rooms, a top 40 room and an 80's room. Saturdays you'll find a
different crowd - music is similar to Fridays but no headliners -
Club layout is one of the best in San Diego. - oh ya ... and every
night you'll find big-headed bartenders and bouncers that think
they're on top of the world.... TIP: Get reservations at their
sushi bar - buy a good sushi dinner and you'll get into the club
without waiting in line or paying cover charge.

L5::: Closed

Rox::: Haven't been - I know the music is mostly hip-hop and
judging from the people in line I'd say the crowd is similar to Blue
Tattoo and Decos.


The Bitter End::: This place is more of the Thursdays spot - attracts
an older audience any other day. It is a nice layout though with an
array of areas to just kick back. Drinks are pricy but worth it if you
can get one of those tables upstairs or in the basement.

Martini Ranch::: THU-SUN-Thursdays I believe is still the night they
run the 18+ event - (usually not the best place to be when you've
got a bunch of under-agers but hey...) - Friday - Saturday and
Sunday you'll find hip-hop, hip-hop and hip-hop. Do with that what
you will.

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