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Rudy Canoza
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Ron wrote:

In article [email protected],
"formerly known as 'cat arranger'"

I believe that existence is a benefit.
It seems that species are incorrectly
divided up into individuals when they
they really are more of a continuum.
So the benefit of existence is to the
parents and the species. To the parents
in that their genes and their need to
continue is fulfilled and to the species
in that it is continued.

Continuation of a species requires death. One generation must die off
for the next one to survive and thrive. The continuation of the species
is possible through the dying off of individual members and over time.
What does seem to be a contentious point is when and where the
individual members of the species will die so that the species can
flourish. There does seem to be a benefit to death.

Not to the individual animal.