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Charles Gifford
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Default Unexpected Christmas Cheer

"June Oshiro" wrote in message
Something unexpected and really nice happened yesterday. Our doorbell
rang, and Matt answered it to find a neighbor bearing a small box of
peanut butter buckeye candies! We just moved to MA a few months ago for
new jobs, we haven't really gotten to know the people around here at all.

Anyway, he said he'd been here at Halloween with his kids and remembered
that we gave out the biggest candy of them all. (I don't skimp on
Halloween - I go to SAMs club and buy the frigging largest KING SIZE
Twix bars or whatever I can find.) Aside from joking about the large
dental bills this season, he and his family just wanted to wish us a
happy holiday!

Isn't that nice? I am really touched. May something equally nice touch


Good for your neighbors! Congratulations with the new home and new jobs!