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On 06 Jan 2005 13:21:42 GMT, (Drbob92031) wrote:

I have a coffe roaster and it says in the instructions that if you

want a
darker roast to the green coffee beans turn the automatic timer to a

roast. BE CAREFULL. I did this and the smoke alarms in the house went

off. Now
I do it on the outside patio; at the wife's insistance. She did not

like being
awakened by the smoke alarms. The coffee was great. But green coffee

stink. (smell). Any input from the coffee officinados?

Well Bob, I am a Kona Coffee aficionado and a coffee farmer and I
promise that our green beans do not smell bad. They smell kind of
like grass. Are you doing decaf? I do think that decaf smells bad.

Good luck with your roasting!
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