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"Mr. Gorilla" wrote in message . ..
"Mr. Gorilla" wrote in message:
It's obvious that veganism falls under that definition (ie: a cause held
onto with adore and believed with strong conviction). So do a lot of

things that I wouldn't normally consider to be "religions".

"pearl" wrote in message:
'Religion' is generally understood to mean something else, as you know.


Yes.... Actually, I was kind of hoping that one of those who claim that
veganism is a religion would respond and tell me that.

And then perhaps
exactly how veganism claims to bring about "spiritual salvation", as other
religions do, if the meaning that you're implying is what they also have in
mind. But, none of them took the bait. Oh well...

And prick their own bubble? (Let them play.. such pretty colours..

"pearl" wrote (r.e. vegans):
They are compassionate because-- that's how we are.

And, FWIW, I have a lot of respect for you as a vegan because of that - I

I keep a happy nanny goat and chickens, as it goes. I rarely eat eggs though.

don't know how you do it. I was a (whole foods) vegan for 1 1/2 years about
20 years ago (after several years as a lacto-vegetarian). I felt really
malnourished by the end, like I was developing serious dietary deficiencies.

I'd have to ask for details of your diet and health status to try to ascertain
why that might be.. For example, were you eating organic foods, seeds..

I couldn't stand it anymore so I went back to including milk in my diet and
that fixed the problem. I've tried veganism several more times over the
years since then, and the same thing always happens. After a few months I
begin to feel like I'm developing nutritional deficiencies, so I go back to
the lacto-vegetarian diet, and I'm OK. I guess I must have "Mahatma Gandhi
Syndrome" or something, since he ran into the same problem. Except he went
much longer and nearly died, and could only return to health by taking
(goat's) milk. Some people seem to do OK on the vegan diet somehow, though,
and I certainly respect them for that. I wish I could.

Getting information in afv and from other good resources is the way to go.
In the meantime, advise of course getting organic milk and free-range eggs.