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J.C. Scott
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Jay Santos wrote:
At Wikipedia:

Those who avoid animal products for reasons of
health (eg, due to allergies, or to avoid
cholesterol), rather than compassion sometimes
describe themselves as "dietary vegans". However,
popular vegan author Joanne Stepaniak argues that
this term is inappropriate because veganism is by
definition about helping animals.

I don't eat any animal products at all, and it's strictly for health
reasons. In my own case, it has nothing to do with compassion for
animals. In fact, I love hamburgers and chicken, among many other
types of animal products, but due to the associated ill effects of such
consumption, I abstain. A person could label me vegetarian but that's
too lax a term, in my opinion, because plenty of vegetarians continue
to eat eggs and cheese, which I don't. My diet is extremely rigid. If
the debate is strictly over whether the term "dietary vegan" is valid,
well, it's just trivial semantics, as far as I'm concerned anyway.