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Terry Pulliam Burd
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Default For you meat eaters out there...

On Sun, 21 Dec 2003 21:22:25 GMT, "Jack Schidt®"
arranged random neurons, so they looked like

And, yes, you know who you are...

They're playing OUR song...

Just sent the link off to my daughter in Brooklyn. I expect her to
have thoroughly researched this for our trip to NYC in February! If
the DH were given only one food to eat for the rest of his life, it'd
be rib eyes!

Terry "Squeaks" Pulliam Burd

"If the soup had been as hot as the claret, if the claret
had been as old as the bird, and if the bird's breasts had
been as full as the waitress', it would have been a very
good dinner." Anonymous.

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