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"limey" writes:

"Andy" wrote:
I need to buy one of these countertop boards. Some choices are marble, wood
and silicone.

How do you clean one that won't fit in the sink or dishwasher.

The board doesn't have to permanently reside on the countertop.

My formica countertop is 8' length x 24" deep.

Please advise.

Believe it or not, I use a cabinet door. It became available when we moved
into our last house because it had a (natural) dark area which clashed with
the other doors.
I've used it for years, for kneading bread, rolling pastry, etc. That's
been enough to keep the surface very slightly oiled. It's quite big - but
I never wash it - just scrape it with a bench knife.


Poifect.... never wash a pastry board.

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