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C. James Strutz
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"Jarkat2002" wrote in message
I have found a recipe for Peruvian Chicken Ragout that calls for Quinoa.

have never heard of this grain before (I had to google it) and don't have

it in
my pantry (yet). I'm not even sure it's considered a grain, some sites

yes, some say no.
The recipe calls for 1/2 cup ... can I substitute barley instead? Or

Would it still be 1/2 cup and would I cook it before adding it to the

The recipe does not call for the quinoa to be precooked.
Thank you!

Oh man, quinoa is great! See if you can find it at your local grocery store
(it is in mine). The thing with quinoa is you have to rince it before
cooking it. There is a bitter substance on the surface that is thought to be
produced by the grain (yes, it is a grain) to protect it from insects. Once
you rince it it is fine. Also, quinoa is one of the ancient grains and
contains all the essential amino acids. Therefore it is considered a
complete protein.