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It did turn out to be the Procon pump. After I replaced it nice and
prickly soda water :-)

Mike B

Deadend wrote:
Richard J Kinch wrote:
Mike Blanchard writes:

Everything's pointing to the pump itself.


List price for the brass pump is $146.

Usually some on eBay real cheap. Search for "(carbonator,procon)


I watch the eBay acutions for soda parts and pumps come up every so
often. If you keep at it, you may get lucky. Good luck.

I'm hoping to set up the same thing someday. My live-in girlfriend of

years loves soda water, as do I, particularly as a back to a good

of whiskey. We literally go through 2 bottles every few days, and we
drink no other carbonated beverages. I've had and killed some of

soda gadgets from ISI or whatever. I do carbonate a 5 gallon corny
every so often, but that never seems to be ready when needed. So my
hope is that with all the damn fridges and everything else around

that I can get a soda line going someday!