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Mike Blanchard
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Default corneilus balance control carbonator problem

I am setting up a soda gun in my home and have finally aquired all the
parts that I need. I'm now setting up the system in the garage for
testing before I move it all to it's final home in the kitchen (with
the carbonator and CO2 bottle in the basement directly below the

I'm having a problem with the carbonator. Once I pressurize the
system with CO2 up to 80psi as the manual suggests, the carbonator
pump won't pump the water into the C/W tank.
I've also noticed that i I don't pressurize the system, the tank
will fill up with water (the psi of the source is approx 60psi), it
will come out of the C/W outlet without the soda gun hooked up, but
the pressure doesn't increase when the moto/pump is running, is that
the way it's supposed to work?

Now it's obvious to me that a 60PSI water source isn't going to be
able to enter a tank that's pressurized to 80psi, but I would think
that the motor/pump would kick in and increase the pressure of the
water going into the tank so the CO2 can go into solution. Am I wrong
in my thinking?

Another quick question, should the carbonator pump be able to suck
water up from a bucket? I'm told that it won't, but that just seems
odd to me, isn't that what a pump is supposed to do?

Thank you all very much for any help you can provide.

Mike B