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Jim Davis
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>Back in the late 1940's or early 1950's when Mom was making tamale pie without
>corn husks, we grew our own corn and I suppose that maybe Mom and Dad might
>have occasionally used the dried corn husks for something else when they were
>kids in the Midwest---when they ran out of pages in the Sears catalog...
>My Dad told me that he used to smoke the corn silks, out behind the barn, so I
>tried that and couldn't light them. He told me that they had to be *dry*. Oh,

Oh! All of that brought back a lot of memories! Still remember those
women's underwear sections of Sears as well as trying to smoke
grapevine. :-) What do kids since have for memories? Think it would
be hard to beat those of our generation.

>I wonder if anybody has ever used corn pollen or corn tassels in their tamale
>The corn tassel might be like the parsley that the fry cook puts on my plate at
>Denny's restaurants when I order the $2.99 bacon and eggs and pancake special
>for breakfast...
>I once asked the waitress what the parsley was for, and she said that some
>people would get angry if the parsley was left off their plate...
>Same thing with tamales. If I should ever find a piece of corn tassel in one of
>my tamales, I'll know it's there for "spiritual reasons"....
>But I won't eat it...

My big brother had the nickname "Johnny Corn-tassle" because he used to
ride his horse through the cornfields and all you could see in the
distance was his hair flying among the corntassels. Gotta stop.
Getting misty-eyed. :-)