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Vox Humana
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"Marge" wrote in message
good tips, thank you. I was thinking to use the plastic wrap then
foil. I've shipped cookies in the plastic tupperware before, usually
cookies like biscotti. I never heard of using edible popcorn,
interesting idea. Yeah, I'm going to make a list of what I want to
bake and get it ready this weekend to ship.

The edible popcorn is more environmentally friendly than plastic peanuts

bubble wrap. You can feed it to the birds.

Edible popcorn is fine for shipping baked goods.
And why waste it on the birds? LOL

However, I once had someone ship me some glass bowls, using only POPCORN

bubble wrap....needless to say, the popcorn did a lousy job of protecting
heavy glass bowls.

It works for fragile cookies, but not for heavier items.

Right. I won't attempt to ship anything heavy or valuable in popcorn.