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"Marge" wrote in message
I wanted to send my dad, who lives on the west coast of the US, some
baked goods for the holiday. I'm thinking sweet breads (as in pumpkin
bread) and cookies. Any good tips on wrapping, packaging to keep them
whole and fresh?

I like to use disposable foil pans to bake quick bread for shipping. You
can just leave them in the pan and wrap well after they are cool. Cookies
ship well in rigid container such as the disposable Gladware pieces. It
helps if you separate the layers with wax paper and put a wad of plastic
film in the top to keep them from moving. I put all the containers in
another box and use popcorn (the kind you eat) to fill the box so nothing
can move.

You can often find a selection of disposable foil container and lids a party
supply stores.