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On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 21:31:56 +0000, Johanna

Thanks for the tip, I won't make that ice cream again ;-)
I'll your tip instead. Good thing you listed a product that is available
in the UK - I have seen Splenda in the shops.

I thought that molasses might be lower GI being 'un-refined'.. ?
I haven't been able to find out... Do you know anything about it?

I am really worried about my boyfriends frequent hypos and unstable
blood sugar - I am not sure if his problems are caused by him not giving
diabetes enough attention (eating right, taking correct injections),
or if it is just bad luck/inevitable... What do you think? Is there
anything I can do to help?


Hi Jo

In my personal experience, sugars are sugars. Whether they are in the
form of treacle, molasses, sucrose (white refined sugar), brown sugar,
maple syrup, honey, maltose, golden syrup or any similar product their
effect in a recipe, and on my BGs, is much the same. I know that they
may have different GIs, but it's really the GL (glycemic load) that
causes the effects, and in the final analysis it's your meter that will
tell you.

If in doubt with any recipe, minimise or replace all forms of sugar. And
always test an hour after you eat a sample standard size portion. JMO.

Cheers Alan, T2, Australia.
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Diet and not enough exercise.
I have no medical qualifications beyond my own experience.
Choose your advisers carefully, because experience can be
an expensive teacher.

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