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Julie Bove
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"Johanna" wrote in message
Thanks for the tip, I won't make that ice cream again ;-)
I'll your tip instead. Good thing you listed a product that is available
in the UK - I have seen Splenda in the shops.

I thought that molasses might be lower GI being 'un-refined'.. ?
I haven't been able to find out... Do you know anything about it?

I am really worried about my boyfriends frequent hypos and unstable
blood sugar - I am not sure if his problems are caused by him not giving
diabetes enough attention (eating right, taking correct injections),
or if it is just bad luck/inevitable... What do you think? Is there
anything I can do to help?

Try asking this question on or
Those NGs get a lot more traffic than this one does. It would also be
helpful if we knew what type(s)/amount of insulin he uses and when. I don't
use insulin myself, so I can't help with that. As for the GI of food,
everything changes once you begin combining foods at a meal. I've found the
GI of foods to be totally meaningless in terms of my BG. YMMV.

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