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Default Granary Bread

"Gumbo" wrote in :

Total Carbohydrate 20 g

I like to keep my BG levels down, so if I ate 4 slices of this bread, I'd
be well over my carb limit for the day plus my BG would be sky high. I'd
rather eat three full meals than 3-4 slices of this bread to reach my daily
carb limit. I wouldn't be hungry as much that way.

Other than that...looks like a nice recipe.

Low carbing is a good way to get and keep control of your Blood Glucose
Levels...kinda important to a Diabetic. A lot of diabetics feel the same,
please do some research to see if low carbing would help you. Low carbing
and exercise have helped my control a great deal.

Starchless in Manitoba.