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Gareth Evans
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Well, you might get a flood of people telling you that Chili Con Carne
isn't Mexican (which it ain't, it's a Texas thing!) but for the most
authentic stuff, go he

This is Frank X Tolbert's original Chili recipe, and one I have used many
times myself.
Tolbert was the founder of the original Terlingua Chili Cook Off, which
carries on to this day.

I'm stuck in the UK, always looking for a Chili Cook Off to take part in
(and I aim to WIN!) but there just don't seem to be any over here!!!

If there are any (Real Texas) Chili afficionados based in the UK who want to
get a national cook off going, PLEASE get in touch! (OT, but Same applies
to BBQer's of the brisket, butt and ribs variety...Please tell me I don't
have the only functioning offset smoker in the country!!!!)

"bodacious" > wrote in message
> I learned that in Texas they hold chili recipe competitions and a friend

> going to send me a prize-winning recipe, but it didn't arrive.
> I wonder if anyone could let me have a really good, authentic recipe for

> carne, please.
> Many thanks
> Wess Greenleaf
> ps. In English as I speak nothing but English and French.