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Rick Auricchio wrote in message ...

You can buy just the conversion tube assembly from Custom Inserts for
$6.95. Find it at .

I have four Never-MT kits, two on each sink. One handles dish
detergent, the other hand soap.

I use gallon jugs of each liquid. For the detergent, I use the Smart N
Final blue stuff (like Dawn). I don't dilute.

They've been working flawlessly for almost two years.

Thanks for the info and sorry to make a big deal out of a simple soap
dispenser. However we have the template person coming in about 2 weeks
and we will need to decide how may holes to drill for undermount sink.

Regarding having 2 soap dispensers installed by the sink, my wife was
concerned that we would get confused as to which is hand soap vs
detergent. I am at the point where I really don't give a damn, however
I suppose we could get 2 different color handles to distinguish.