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Max Hauser
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"Max Hauser" in ...
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Have tried domaine carneros and carneros creek
2001...any other suggestions???

2001 Saintsbury Carneros, 2002 Schug Carneros (US). Got
a better one lately (to my taste) from another label, I don't have
the name at hand sadly, should be able to get it though. . . .

Sorry about that, the last wine was actually again the 2002 Schug Carneros.
Which I encountered unusually. First I was given a bottle and asked for an
appraisal, knowing nothing about it (that tasting note is attached). Lately
I tried it again during a restaurant meal and decided to buy some. $18 in
the US (to shippable states) directly from the winery with 10% discount
(general?) -- I did not do the order, I was part of someone else's. (I
hope all this is useful information for someone. I envy those with the
patience, or the fingers, to type in lots of tasting notes.)

2002 Schug Carneros Pinot Noir Tasted 11 July 04. -- MH

(From --, 7 July 04, about $20 at winery and reportedly stocked at Whole
Foods. Identified by -- as prospective good value.)

(NB : The letter "T" indicates where I began actual tasting as well as

Bright berryish, stemmy, meaty. Suggestions of young oak. T an un-Pinot,
or un-traditional-Pinot, raspberry note is conspicuous. Orange peel,
vanilla. I'm reminded of the particular effects in the younger-generation
Dujac label. Impression of strong alcohol. Lots of fruit acid but not the
matching tannin to carry it to long development. Green-pepper sagelike
vegetable stem that is not really my style. Later smells: Caramel-clove
note, almost candied apple. Partial oak toast?