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In article , [email protected] says...

Have tried domaine carneros and carneros creek 2001...any other


In about that price range (US$21 Costco), I like the Acacia Carneros. It is
probably at its best about 1-2 years from release (properly cellared), but is
very, very drinkable upon release. They also do a Beckstoffer [SP?] single
vineyard, that is about US$50, but I've not found enough difference to put
down more than 6 blts of it.

OR has a ton of really great US PN's in that range, and one cannot go too
wrong with any of them. They are a bit more toward the mushroom, damp earth
characters, than the CA, especially the Carneros PN's, but very good at their
pp, just less fruit forward.