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Default Cookie frosting recipe needed

Hark! I heard (Amberinauburn) say:

> I am in urgent need of a frosting recipe for the cookies I plan to make
> tomorrow with my husband. I thought all I was going to need was powdered sugar
> and water for the frosting, but both the recipes we found called for "
> meringue
> powder"????? We live in a very small town and our grocery store doesn't even
> sell solid white tuna for goodness sake. The chancess of it having Meringue
> powder are really small. Someone out there has a nice easy recipe for sugar
> cookies frosting right? Please, share it with us. We wanted to spend Friday
> making cookies and I don't want to use those dreadful little tubes of pre
> -made frosting on my nice home made cookies.

My mother always used powdered sugar, milk, and a little butter to
frost her cut-out cookies. Start with a small bowl, put in some p.
sugar, add milk in small dribs until you have the consistency you
want, then about 1/2 tsp. of butter. Good stuff, also goes well on
graham crackers...

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