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On Monday, June 14, 2021 at 3:27:00 PM UTC-5, GM wrote:
> Just found this. other sites also recommend pressure canning, not a hot water bath:
> "...Unlike pickles and most fruit preserves, tomatoes are comparatively low in acidity, and so must be acidified in order to be canned using the standard water-bath method. Foods with a pH higher than 4.6 can harbor botulism bacteria spores; tomatoes are generally right around 4.5, so you're playing with fire if you do not bring the acid level up. Moreover, if you add anything to your tomatoes, such as onions, garlic or basil, you are lowering the acidity further.
> GM

My grandmother did ALL her canning using the water bath method on a wood-
burning stove. Never, ever a bad jar, and no one ever got sick. My mother did
all her canning using a large Burpee pressure canner/cooker on a gas stove.