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Default Non-Service Dogs in Grocery Stores

On Sun, 13 Jun 2021 14:39:09 -0500, "cshenk"
> wrote:

>Gary wrote:
>> Sheldon Martin wrote:
>> > I see seeing eye dogs at the markets in town all the time.

>> Best joke of the day.
>> Your rural area must be a haven for the blind.
>> The best blind haven in the universe.
>> In my entire lifetime I've only seen blind with dogs or with a white
>> cane tapping around on TV. Not once in real life. Perhaps they all
>> sleep late and get out later in the day (after my time).

>There's a fellow named Gary (not related to ours here). Gary likes
>Harris Teeters about the same time I shop so we encounter one another
>I've heard him tell his guide dog to take him to the butcher counter.
>The dog goes there and barks once, pauses, then barks again and sits.
>They come and tell him the specials (sales) and he gets his selections.
>He comes with a paid assistant who helps get the rest of it all then
>takes them back home.
>He's the only one I've met in person with a guide dog for the blind.
>Dunno his dog's name but he's a typical german shepard. Nice fellow,
>probably state/federal aide for the shopper with him.

Ask them, theyre here. "You can stop saying that now. Thank you."