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Default TN: Mem Day weekend- France, Germany, USA, Italy

On 6/2/21 12:53 PM, wrote:

2015 Lapierre Morgon
This was pretty popular, though I found it pushing the ripeness edge for me for cru Beaujolais. Big berry fruit, some light barnyard (this is sulphured bottling), crunchy mineral finish. B

I didn't go for '15 in Beaujolais for just this reason: too ripe, too
big. What we look for in gamay is bright fruit and floral character.

2019 Vincent €śZenith€ť Pinot Noir
My first Vincent (and I almost missed, it was on last few ounces when I learned it was open) . Light bodied but full flavored, bright and vibrant red fruits, nutmeg, cloves. Well balanced and lovely/lively. B++

I've been buying his Pinots for about 6 years now. I'll be out tasting
with him in a couple of weeks, so I'll be sure to try this wine.

2006 Gonon St. Joseph
Gets better and better in decanter. Blackberry fruit, a big meaty note, tapenade, sauve tannins, clean bright acids. Ah for the days this was $21. A-

Indeed. CT tells me that I still have the '09 and '10 regular
bottlings. (I was never fast or rich enough for the VV) These days I
buy Faury's VV as a Gonon substitute.

A most enjoyable set of notes, Dale. Thanks!
Mark Lipton