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Default TN: Return to group tasting-s 84/85 Cal Cab, plus bubbles and Bdx blanc

On Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 2:07:28 PM UTC-4, Mark Lipton wrote:
On 4/21/21 1:23 PM, wrote:
A real wine tasting, with real people! 7 vaccinated winegeeks gathered on my patio Sunday. Cathleen brought great cheese, Craig brought an incredible spread of charcuterie, and I made a smoked bluefish mousse to go with the Champagnes, but forgot to unwrap it. The tasting was 1984 & 1985 California Cabs and blends. All reds double-decanted before transport.

What a fascinating theme for a tasting! The two vintages you chose are
a study in contrasts: '84 was a classic hot, ripe year, much ballyhooed
by the press. '85 was a cooler year, much more structured and largely
dismissed at the time of release.

Theme was John G's idea. I think it telling that of those of us who own the wines today, there was a lot more '85 owned (but I think only one person owned from 80s).
It's too bad we didn't have any matched pairs. But this is to be part 1, next round I think will include 85/85 Mayacamas, Kalin, Laurel Glen

1985 Niebaum Coppola €śRubicon€ť
Dont cross this Rubicon, because then you cant untaste it. Green bell pepper mixed with roasted/pruney notes, thats not easy. Lets just say FFC is a great filmmaker. C+

1985 Dunn Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
OK, coming up on 40, still structured and tannic. But with the hanger steak I quite enjoyed. Chewy tannins, black plum and black currant, ferric notes, long finish. Eat with steak or wait forever. B+

That had to be close to the first vintage for Niebaum Coppola, no? And
great note on that Dunn. I believe that I had a bottle of that, too,
consumed with dinner at the Columbia City Hotel Restaurant in Columbia,
CA (run by students at the local community college) probably in '91 or
'92. You can only imagine what the Howell Mountain must be like!

I can only imagine what Dunn would have been at that point!

This makes me realize that we don't drink enough white Bordeaux.

We don't!!!!!!!

be well