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ellen wickberg
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wrote on 13/10/04 11:12 AM:

With Salsa, I dont think it would hurt to add a small quantity of white 5%
acetic vinegar (to avoid discolouration). The recipes in the Bernardin guide
to home preserving I believe includes vinegar anyways. I'd consider adding
a small amount of vinegar to be a safety insurance policy on top of pressure
canning (at least for salsa).

But you're right. If you're just canning tomatoes I wouldn't add vinegar to
them either

Pressure canning is a must in either case.


"zxcvbob" wrote in message
Jason wrote:

PS: You have to be extra careful with tomatoes because they are
borderline on the acidity scale. Use vinegar in your recipe (can't
remember if the bernardin book does it or not), and pressure can those
suckers. I wouldn't boil water bath them even with some vinegar. Not
worth the risk to me.


There's no need to add vinegar or lemon juice or citric acid to your
tomatoes if you pressure-can them. If you did have to add vinegar, you
would also need to add vinegar to your green beans, etc. :-P

If you BWB your tomatoes, use citric acid or lemon juice rather than
vinegar -- the amount of vinegar they tell you to add is enough to ruin
the taste of the tomatoes, but citric acid tastes OK. (Even commercial
canners add citric acid to their tomatoes.)

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If you use a tested BWB recipe, pressure canning is definetly not a must.