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ellen wickberg
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wrote on 13/10/04 11:12 AM:

> With Salsa, I dont think it would hurt to add a small quantity of white 5%
> acetic vinegar (to avoid discolouration). The recipes in the Bernardin guide
> to home preserving I believe includes vinegar anyways. I'd consider adding
> a small amount of vinegar to be a safety insurance policy on top of pressure
> canning (at least for salsa).
> But you're right. If you're just canning tomatoes I wouldn't add vinegar to
> them either
> Pressure canning is a must in either case.
> Jason
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>> Jason wrote:
>>> PS: You have to be extra careful with tomatoes because they are
>>> borderline on the acidity scale. Use vinegar in your recipe (can't
>>> remember if the bernardin book does it or not), and pressure can those
>>> suckers. I wouldn't boil water bath them even with some vinegar. Not
>>> worth the risk to me.
>>> Jason

>> There's no need to add vinegar or lemon juice or citric acid to your
>> tomatoes if you pressure-can them. If you did have to add vinegar, you
>> would also need to add vinegar to your green beans, etc. :-P
>> If you BWB your tomatoes, use citric acid or lemon juice rather than
>> vinegar -- the amount of vinegar they tell you to add is enough to ruin
>> the taste of the tomatoes, but citric acid tastes OK. (Even commercial
>> canners add citric acid to their tomatoes.)
>> Best regards,
>> Bob


If you use a tested BWB recipe, pressure canning is definetly not a must.