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"John Coleman" wrote
"Dutch" wrote
"John Coleman" wrote

So if I killed some animals to prevent them from destroying my crops,
there's no exploitation, so are vegans OK with that?

no, the reason that vegans seek to avoid exploitation is because it is
and cynical, so is killing - vegans do "veganic" agriculture

I don't know any vegans who "do agriculture" at all, they shop at the same
markets I do. Judging from their actions, not your rather glib assurances, I
conclude that vegans do not have a problem with killing animals to protect
crops (i.e. paying others to do it for them).

This is where vegans nearly always let themselves down. I can understand and
respect your desire to not exploit animals, but then when pressed further
you always begin to equivocate. Why? Vegan diets are generally quite
healthy, pretty darn good for the environment, and they harm fewer animals
than the vast majority of diets. Why isn't that enough? Why do vegans have
to believe they have hit the world's most colossal moral home run?