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On Thu, 18 Feb 2021 08:57:21 -0700, Graham > wrote:

>I've just started a rye sour as I have borrowed "The Rye Baker" by
>Stanley Ginsberg fron the library. At first sight it seems to be
>excellent and worth acquiring but reading the first recipe reveals an
>appalling level of errors that careful proof editing would have
>corrected. I intend to bake some of the recipes hoping that I can spot
>any mistakes before getting a lousy result.
>This is the sort of book where the one and two star reviews on Amazon
>should be taken seriously.

Depressing. There is no excuse for this sort of thing, especially, as
so many recipes that wind up in book such as these get posted online
at the author's promo pages and errors should show up there, too, be
pointed out, and changed in editing.