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On Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 3:20:50 PM UTC-5, RichD wrote:
You visit someone you haven't seen in a while,
and bring a bottle of wine, as a gift, or to share.
However, you don't know their tastes.

What to buy? I figure, everyone enjoys bubbly, therefore
cava or prosecco? (I'm on a sub-champagne budget)
Or a fruity, simple rose?


Also, if intended for immediate intake, bring some
hors d'oeuvre? I'd stop at a deli, and pick up some
antipasto - or...


I think bubbly is safe, if I don't feel like needs to be Champagne, I'd probably do cava (Castellroig is very dependable and widely available).
Maybe rose in heat of summer, but I don't think it's universally liked (neither is bubbly, but more people appreciate).
I know people who are "red only" , and a couple who are "white only", but most would appreciate bubbly (or at least gesture)

Now if intended for immediate consumption (meaning with you), just bring what you like and hope they do as well!