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Peter Dy
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"Amber" > wrote in message
> Peter, you can check out Susana's courses at her website,
> Yes, Cruz de la Piedra is under new ownership, they had only been open
> for a few days before I went. The owner is Cuban, and so is the food.

Ah, I see. It doesn't surprise me, since when it was a cantina, it was
never really very full. It's sad though, since it's just another sign of
how the old-fashioned cantina life-style is dying out.

> El Jardin has a Cuban section on their menu among other non-Cuban
> items.

Hmmm, I seem to have a vague memory of that... I'll have to check it out
more closely next summer.

> I LOVE the quesillo/flor de calabaza combo, so simple, so filling but
> I love it.
> The mushroom tour I had on my site, the name of the town is
> Cuajimoloyas so that is what the name of the post is.

Thanks. You're talking about the pictures, right? They're very nice! I've
been wanting to take one of Trillings classes, but never found the time,
since it would have had to have been a weekend class, and I never found a
free weekend.

> I don't know Ady's, which is weird since I spent a lot of time around
> the ICO, maybe it isn't still there? It definitely wasn't on the
> "near the ICO list" they gave us on the first day of class.

No, it's not on the ICO list, but it's still there. As you exit the
Institute, turn left, go up Chapultepec to the next intersection, cross
Chapultepec to the north, and it's right there on the left hand side, before
you reach the hospital on the right. What's nice about Ady's is that (at
least on weekend mornings), they have a woman there preparing fresh masa
items on a comal, like empanadas con flor de calabaza. I don't know of any
place in nearby that has such a thing.

BTW, when did you arrive in Oaxaca? Cause I could swear I'm in one of your
pictures, only the date is off by a few days!