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Default Nearly every single Army National Guard Soldier turns their backsto Joe Biden as he drives past.

On 1/28/2021 9:23 AM, Leo wrote:
> On 2021 Jan 28, , Cindy Hamilton wrote
> (in >):
>> Disgruntled, uneducated whites have a nearly constant stream of Fox News
>> on televisions in salons, bars, and other workplaces. In the car they have
>> talk radio, which is where the right-wing media really got its start. Their
>> local television station is likely owned by Sinclair, so they get another dose
>> if they watch the evening news.

> While the cognoscenti listen to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN. And they┬┤re
> more believable because...
> leo

You left out this line
Take your pick. Fox News, OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart, ad infinitum.

There is no doubt the ones you mention are left leaning. Fox is right

But when you talk about OANN and company you are talking about outright
lies and conspiracy theories. That is why Trump likes the uneducated,
the believe that crap. Personally, I don't want to hang out with a guy
that brags he likes the uneducated.