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Default Can anyone help me with something...

On 3/1/12 8:45 AM, julialovesfood wrote:
Hello everyone,

I need a little help from you all, I know how busy you all are but if
you could spare me 5 minutes, I would really appreciate it. I am a
master student doing an MSc in Business with the end goal of setting up
my own business selling specialist food products online. As part of my
dissertation I need to do research into people attitudes about buying
food online.

If anyone has the time to complete an online questionnaire for my
dissertation, it would be much appreciated.

Just click this link: 'Online food shopping survey'
( and follow the
instructions. It is anonymous, no details will be retained. I just need
to find out your opinions about shopping for food online.

Thank you for all your support,

Julia x Sadly the URL took me not to your survey but to the front

end of the Smart Survey site.

I do not know how to find your survey from that point on.

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