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Default Irish soda bread (again)

On Thu, 12 Nov 2020 14:27:12 +0000, Peter Flynn

Many moons ago I posted the URL of a video that one of our students had
made of his mother making Irish soda bread the traditional way. The link
got changed in a web reord, but I posted it again in its new form.

Embarrassinlg ynow that I have retired, it's gone again and worse, I
can't find any trace of either of my posts in the Google Groups Usenet
archives, which is weird (or maybe my memory lacks the right keywords).
If anyone still has either of those posts I'd be grateful for a copy.

Either way, I still have the video, and the Dept of Irish still have the
gold master, so it will eventually be put on YouTube. In the meantime I
have arranged for it to be available for download at (35MB).


This video has always delighted me. I have adored it for years.

Thanks for linking.