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Peter Dy
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"Amber" > wrote in message
>I just spent 2 months in Oaxaca while finishing my culinary
> externship. If you are interested in restaurant reviews and my blog
> including some experiences with Susana Trilling's cooking school,
> check out I hope it is helpful for anyone planning
> a trip. Susana's place is beautiful and her culinary tours are very
> thorough and off the beaten path. I highly recommend the mushroom
> tour.

Hey Amber,

Nice web page! I'm going through it now, but can't seem to find your
description of Trilling's courses, especially the mushroom tour. Didn't
even know she had one. Is there somewhere on your site where you describe

I hope you got to check out the food stalls in the Mercado 20 de Noviembre.
And the aguas frescas in the Mercado Juárez. And the nieves in the plaza in
front of the Basilica de la Soledad.

Just about my favorite Oaxacan dish is empanadas con flores de calabaza y
quesillo. You were there during the Guelguetza, so it was in all the food
stalls they have set up near the zócalo. But in June, a wonderful little
restaurant near the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca also serves it in the
mornings--it's called Ady's (or something close) and it's one block west of
Juarez from the ICO and just across Chapultepec. Great breakfasts at Ady's

I was surprised you mentioning that El Jardin and La Cruz de Piedra had
Cuban food. What did you mean by that? I know they have "Cuban" tortas,
but otherwise, I didn't noticed anything else on the menu that might be

As for La Cruz de Piedra, are you talking about the place in the Colonia
Reforma? If so, it's not new at all, unless it's changed ownership
recently. When I visted the place in 2001 and 2003, it was a cantina.
Great food and great place, but the food we got was all brought out in the
"cantina" style--as little snacks to accompany the countless beers we
ordered.... Is that the place you are talking about?