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Roy Basan
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(Jay P Francis) wrote in message ...
There is a virtue in making precise, beautiful French pastries. But often, the
taste of these is not spectacular. The fondant is too sweet, the cakes are too

My thinking is that it is time to invent a new kind of pastry. A messy pastry
as it were. Creamy, flavorful, sacrificing good looks for good taste.

Jack Daniels soaked bread pudding meets my criteria for a messy pastry.

One that comes to mind: one would make a domed chocolate cake, core it out from
the bottom, and fill it with the finest chocolate mousse.

Or, one might break a cake into chunks and serve it with creme anglaise.

I am looking for ideas of messy pastries and would appreciate any suggestions.

I think what you mean by messy pastry here are products that does not
follow the classical recipes; or just a creative intepretation of
Going that way is not always preferable as not all people like to eat
an indescribable pastry.
They always look for a pattern for a dessert which they can identify.
Besides restaurant desserts are not similar to the pastry shop
desserts which are more formal in the latter.
However You can always modify.
If you find that the Continental sponges are dry then use the chiffon
sponges instead as the base.. Bake chiffon cakes in sheets , layers
and normal sponge cake tins.Slice and cut it to look like the standard
sponges you use in traditonal continental pastries.Then you will have
an alternative base for your pastries .
But as you dislike excessive sweetness you can reduce the sugar in the
recipe and still come out with a good cake. You do not need to wash
the sponges prior to assembling different tortes and gateaux as these
chiffons are already moist.
You do not need to coat it with fondant most of the time, you can also
use the less sweeter buttercream and aerated frostings which are
distinctively less sweet compared to the fondant.
Anyway ....just my two pence opinion.