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Default Jam program on breadmaker (was: Jam experiment

On 13/07/2020 11:58, F Murtz wrote:
> Choko (chayote, pie melon) and lemon jam. Finally got round to making
> choko and lemon jam, bit fernikity, thin slices of choko lots of zest
> from three or four lemons plus juice remainder of lemon chopped up
> and in muslin, whole lot in pressure cooker for half hour or
> more, chuck the muslin bag after squeezing it a bit then almost same
> weight of sugar as fruit cheated a bit and used jam setting sugar

I had to go and look up choko and chayote :-) as they're unknown here.

I have been using my Lakeland breadmaker on the jam setting because we
had a bumper crop of loganberries this year. Astonishingly, it works. So
now I can put on weight by eating my own bread and jam all I need now
is a cow and a clotted-cream program and I'm set. morning when I took out the overnight loaf, the spindle in
the pan was seized solid and needed a pliers to turn it. The paddle
slipped off undamaged but I have no idea why the spindle should seize
when it was rotating freely the night before. Lakeland have been very
sympathetic and are sending me a new pan, so in the meantime I have
experimented and found that leaving the pan sit with oil in it for a
day, then emptying it out and heating it in very hot water, and then
putting it in the machine on the dough program and letting it run for
half an hour freed up the spindle enough to bake a loaf. I'm tempted to
assume that it was using the jam program caused it to...uh...jam, so I
made more today and we'll see what happens.