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Petey the Wonder Dog
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Default Messy Pastries

Far as I can tell, someone wrote:
I am looking for ideas of messy pastries and would appreciate any suggestions

I'm still convinced that there is nothing in the world like a classic
pecan encrusted sticky bun with a cup of great hot coffee.

I own a bagel shop and make them with my bagel dough.
I cut a bagel just before proofing, dip in water, stretch it to about 15
inches, slather it in the gooey mess. knot or braid or curl or whatever
you like, proof, bake on a papered sheet pan with the other bagels, (or
rather, under bake just a bit so it's softer than a bagel, and recoat
with more goo and pecans while still plenty hot. Then try not to eat
them all myself.

Oh, it's plenty messy too if done right.