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Default Where have all the flours gone?

On Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 8:36:03 PM UTC-4, bob prohaska wrote:
It seems flour, especially bread flour but also everything else,
has gotten extremely scarce in the last few weeks. I can't even
find it on-line.

My needs aren't urgent, but when the stock gets below a couple
5-lb bags I start looking to replenish. Not possible right now.

Anybody got a hint what's going on? I can't believe all that many
folks are actually making their own bread.....

As an unrelated aside, there's a nice, if sentimental, article on
French baking culture in:

Thanks for reading,

bob prohaska

Flour is available in some stores near me, but yeast is more challenging to find. If anyone is interested in an easy bread recipe that does not need a bread maker, you might enjoy this (I hope it is okay to share here.) I appreciate you taking a look and hope you try it.