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Lynn Gifford wrote:
Cheddar doesnt work well for me in beer cheese soup because it gets
too rubbery. Don't laugh (well, laugh if you like but don't flame me,
please) Cheese Whiz works well. If that seems like an anathma to you
Kraft packages a cheese called Four Cheese melt - or something like
that. There's Cheddar in it & Monterey Jack & . . . It melts very
smoothly and has a good flavor.

When I want a smooth-melting cheese, I generally use processed American
cheese -- and I try to use "American cheese", and not "...cheese food"
or "cheese product". When it's smooth and almost ready but not quite
thick enough yet, I add some grated extra sharp cheddar if the American
cheese doesn't taste cheesy enough. (a little blue cheese would
probably also work well).

Velveeta has too much moisture, too much salt, and too much swiss cheese
for my taste. You can't beat it for smooth texture, but American cheese
comes very, very close.

I wish I could find American cheese as good as that government cheese
they used to give away when they were cleaning out the stockpiles.
Kraft used to sell an Old English loaf that was good too (sharp American
cheese); it would be perfect in a cheese soup, but it was kind of expensive.